Mixer Wagon

The BIGA Vertical Mixer Wagon can be used as a reception device for sort out household waste.

A digital weighing system with 6 different weighing programs, weighs the material. The large augers with serrated cutting knives cut the bags quickly and efficiently. The material is thereafter transported to the location of the structure material. The weighing system registers the exact amount of structure material for a god compost mix. The material is transported to the compost site while blending. When the material is composted, the mixer wagon can be used to transport the material while blending to the curing site. The 3 m high adjustable belt conveyor has a 3 m unloading capacity.

The BIGA Vertical Mixer Wagon can also be used when handling sludge, ashes and contaminated soils etc.

Dutch Oven System Infrared heat in combination with the BIGA Mixer Wagon can be used for hygienisation of risk material (category 3 wastes). By heating the material to 70° C while mixing for 1 h results in a thoroughly heated material. Soil improvement materials can also be hygienisated by this system and frozen material can be defrosted.